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We all have heard about the term "ultrasound" and mostly relate it to the examination of a pregnant lady (who is curious to know about the development of the fetus). But there is much more to "ultrasound" than examining a developing fetus. Nowadays, most of the ultrasound machines are used as a diagnostic tool to examine the internal organs (of both humans and animals).

Ultrasound also known as ‘Sonography’ is a technique in which sound waves are used to develop the images of the internal body parts (which are difficult to examine with normal techniques or tools). In the process an instrument called transducer is used which emits high-frequency sound waves (which humans can’t hear). These sound waves enter the body and provide a clear imaging (which are real time images) of the affected area (any damaged tissue or the organ). Doctors and vets use this technique to examine what is going on inside the body of their patient. Ultrasound is a great way to diagnose and treat certain conditions.

Many uses of ultrasound tests:

As the doctors and vets get the real time images, there are many uses of ultrasound tests.

  1. During pregnancy - Ultrasound images are best way to monitor the development of the fetus. These images can be used to determine due dates and to reveal the presence of twins or other multiples. They are also a great option to check if there are any complications in the pregnancy.
  2. For diagnostics - Doctors nowadays use ultrasound imaging for diagnosing conditions affecting the organs (like liverkidneysgallbladderpancreas, uterus, ovaries and testicles etc.) and soft tissues of the body.
  3. For medical procedures – Ultrasound images are also useful during medical procedures like needle biopsies (as it requires the removal of tissues from a precise body area).

Nowadays, portable ultrasound machines are gaining much popularity among the doctors and vets. So, if you are looking for one you can check out the different options available at the well-reputed online stores.

Stolle Bozinovski
Stolle Bozinovski


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