Importance of ultrasound machine

In earlier times, many diseases used to turn fatal due to lack of proper medical facility or wrong diagnosis. Doctors could not understand what is actually happening inside the patient's body by just looking at him. Thanks to the rapid development in the field of medicine, that now many diseases can be diagnosed at a very early stage and can be treated. This machine is used for getting images of the internal organ of the body. They do not use radiations like X-ray and therefore it is not harmful for human being. Whether the ultrasound is new or used, things have become even easier with it. Used ultrasound machine cost can be very affordable.

What is an ultrasound machine?
'Ultra' is a word used to describe sound wave. Thus, ultrasound means wave sound. This sound wave exceeds the frequency that a normal human ear cannot detect. Normally human ear can detect approx. 20 to 20,000 hertz. Ultrasound machine is used for diagnosis.

What are the components of an ultrasound machine?

  • Central Processing unit: It is the brain of the machine. It contains microprocessor, amplifier, and memory. The CPU detects the origin of the echo point and produces image for output such as printer, monitor or disk
  • Display: It converts the processed data from CPU to an image. Images of sonogram are usually black and white but some of the new machine can also give colorful Doppler image.
  • Keyboard and cursor: The machines have keyboard and cursor. Its helps the operator to write notes and measurement of the image. The mouse helps the operator to connect with the software of the machine.
  • Disk storage: The processed data and images are stored in the disk. They usually store the data of the patient's medical history.
  • Ultrasound Printers: Usually the printers used are either thermal or digital. While diagnosing, the images are in motion, but the images can be captured any time and printed out.

Sonoscope s2 is FDA approved portable color Doppler ultrasound machine. You can go for more info here. 

Stolle Bozinovski
Stolle Bozinovski


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