Features of Used Ultrasound Equipment

Ultrasound technology is one of the most used and relied diagnostic tools. Before advancing for any kind of treatment the doctors initially diagnose with ultrasound to identify the condition and then later the treatment starts. But these machines are really expensive and therefore there are many doctors who cannot buy them. Nowadays, there are second hand ultrasound machines available, that can be bought at very reasonable price. These machines are not damaged or broken equipment. In fact they have hardly been used for a very short duration and have been discarded by the previous user to upgrade themselves with new and upgraded equipment. These machines work perfectly and can be used for diagnosing both humans as well as animals. There are companies who buy such second hand medical products. With professional help they fix these machines if there is some problem at all and sell them at very affordable price. These machines go under proper testing.
Before buying any second hand ultrasound machines there are some factors that are to be kept in mind. A company will be considered fully certified, only if they provide the following information:

  • The company has to meet the specification of OEM. If the equipment of the company has been certified by OEM then it is trustworthy.
  • These machines have to be cleaned and sterilized from inside as well as outside. If the equipment is in dirty and poor condition then it should not be bought.
  • The company has to provide information of all defective and worn out parts and information of the refurbished parts.
  • The company requires to have updated software.
  • They should pass extended diagnostic tests of both electronic and mechanical operations.
  • They should provide with a full year warranty.
  • They need to provide service staff cables to help servicing the machine that the customer is buying.
  • The equipment should function exactly the way the seller has claimed and as per the expectation of the customer.

There are many on line portals that provide with high quality second hand ultrasound machines and are available at affordable price. These portals provide with ultrasound equipment that are of very good quality and can be easily handled.

Stolle Bozinovski
Stolle Bozinovski


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