All About Sonoscape A6

The Sonoscape A6 portable ultrasound system is the best imaging black and white ultrasound machines for sale. For excellent diagnosis and easy-to-use, it is equipped with a lot ergonomic designs. Other than the special design, the Sonoscape A6 provides premium image quality which is comparable to highly efficient cart-based B/W ultrasound systems. The instrument is available with a two year warranty and is a cost-effective choice for clinicians who need a high resolution black and white portable ultrasound machine for their practice.

The new Sonoscape A6 contains 2 transducer ports, 12” adjustable anti-large LCD monitor and a 3 hours continuous scanning battery life which is optional. Other than these, it has 1GB internal storage, Digital Beam Former, 2 USB ports and provides Tissue Harmonic Imaging. The all new machine also features one-button optimization and has basic Cardiac measurement calcs included. It provides a deeper depth for scanning with a greater zoom (8X) and a higher dynamic range therefore giving more colors in grayscale to provide greater detail.

Applications of Sonoscape A6 Portable System

Liver: With the ultrasound examination, the doctor assesses the dimensions of the liver, its structure and the blood flow condition to detect defects such as liver steatosis, cirrhosis, fluid formalities and tumor mass.

Gall Bladder: The dimensions of the gall bladder, the presence of stones and other defects are being located. In most cases the ultrasonic examination detects the abnormality in the gall bladder.

Pancreatic Gland: When examining the pancreatic gland, the doctors can evaluate its dimensions, form, boundaries, homogeneity and the presence of formalities.

Kidneys: the doctor can check the arrangement and dimensions of kidneys and also the structure of parenchyma. The ultrasound examination allows detecting any abnormalities and tumor mass and can also be used to detect the indication intestinal obstruction. It can also play an important role in the treatment of surgical disorders and injuries.

Gynecology and Prenatal Diagnostics: It can be used for the examination of the state of gravid uterus and monitor the embryo-fetal development. It is widely used in tocology as the sound from the venter can be easily registered.

There are a number of online shopping stores that provide Sonoscape ultrasound equipment at reasonable price if you want to buy Sonoscape A6. Also, these stores provide used Sonoscape ultrasound machine for those who have a low budget. The ultrasound equipment provided by these shopping portals are of genuine quality and are reasonably priced.

Stolle Bozinovski
Stolle Bozinovski


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