Benefits of Portable Ultrasound devices

A portable ultrasound serves the same function as a simple static ultrasound instrument. It uses high frequency sound waves to create an image of parts inside the body. Also, it can help doctors determine the age of the fetus and look for internal problems like tumors and other abnormal growth.

Portable ultrasound instruments are about the size of a large laptop computer. They have a screen and a medical keyboard for viewing and navigating the picture. Most of the devices operate on batteries, so users do not need a source of power to use it.

These machines were first used by the gynecologists and obstetricians that led to the visible decrease in the infant mortality rate. Portable ultrasound machines are considered a must for doctors visiting backward areas where they have little or no medical facilities with them. The machine does not hinder mobility as it can be taken along with an ease and convenience. Other than gynecology, these instruments are also now used for the vascular, endocrinology, cardiac and even pediatric diseases.

Portable ultrasound instruments are used to cure the most common types of pain, like muscle pains and inflammation. It works by creating sound waves that pass through the skin and affects the targeted area, may it be muscle or a joint. The pain is released without the need for medication or surgery. These machines can also increase the efficacy of certain pain medications (phonophoresis) by way of using sound waves.

Immediate and advanced treatment can be given to patients who may have heart disease. This technology allows a doctor to look for abnormalities and other heart related problems. It is also used for early detection of prostate cancer and any other disease that may exist along with it, so that treatment may begin immediately.

Portable ultrasound machines acquire and transmit data almost instantaneously. Performing an ultrasound with this device takes no longer than 10 minutes. These devices allow simple effective ultrasound examinations performed at the point of care, in turn speeding up decision making by the clinician.

There are many companies, you can find on online that specialize in manufacturing portable and hand-held ultrasound instruments. These portals also provide color Doppler ultrasound devices, used ultrasound equipment and a wide variety of world-known brands at reasonable prices. Many portable ultrasound device for sale are available.

Stolle Bozinovski
Stolle Bozinovski


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