Benefits of Buying Pre-owned Ultrasound Instruments

Ultrasound equipment need a huge amount for investment. Every practitioner wants to get the best value on their equipment that combines top performance with affordability. There is a huge industry that specializes in manufacturing medical equipment used by hospitals, clinics and private practices. Some suppliers of medical instruments also deal in pre-owned equipment that has been refurbished.

Using pre-owned ultrasound equipment offers some practical advantages. Some of them have been discussed below.

  • Price: The most obvious benefit of buying refurbished ultrasound instruments is the price. Simple market factors bring down the price on equipment when it tis used or not of the most recent model. Buying used or refurbished equipment can help in saving up to 70% from the operating costs. Used ultrasound machines can be purchased for much less than the new one and is ideal for a clinic that has been set in a low-income community and does not have enough funds.

  • Quality: Refurbishedultrasound instruments are thoroughly inspected. Old parts are reclaimed or completely changed. Companies manufacturing ultrasound equipment have entire departments that do refurbishing and repairs. The service contract and high quality technical support gives a repaired machine the same capacity and durability as a brand new machine. These instruments pass a rigorous quality control process that ensures the machine to run just as well as new equipment at a greatly reduced cost. The companies dealing in this field have to stick to the regulations and medical standards to make sure that they provide quality product to the buyer. 

  • Value: Because of the lower price and thorough repairs, used ultrasound instruments often offer a better value. To back their claims of high quality, these companies offer upgraded guarantee on the refurbished product. A warranty period of 90 days is generally provided on used ultrasound machines. This feature assures consumers for any normal repairs to be covered at the lowest price. 

Used ultrasound equipment  can be a welcome addition to any clinic whose finances do not allow for huge expenses. Such products of genuine quality and excellent working condition can be bought from online shopping portals that specialize in medical instruments. These stores also provide a wide variety of ultrasound machines at reasonable prices and the products are quality-approved.

Stolle Bozinovski
Stolle Bozinovski


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