EMP-820Vet Plus

Comes With Superb Veterinary Software Packages!

EMP-820Vet Plus is a full digital, hi technology veterinary ultrasound machine, that offers extensive range of scanning facilities. The machine comes with superb veterinary software packages such as Swine, Ovine, Obstetrics, Small parts, Abdomen, Cardiology for canine, Feline, Bovine, Equine etc.

This machine is light weight (4.5kg) and it is equally good for both veterinarians and breeders. If you like this EMP-820Vet Plus and you want to have one in you clinic, then KeeboMed Inc. is the place to shop for a unit and that too at highly discounted rates. We have used, pre-owned, second hand ultrasound machines that have been refurbished for sale. Most of these units have been used as demo models for just a few hours. If EMP-820Vet Plus is drawing your attention, then obtain a price quote from us and order for your machine today!

Our ultrasound machines are well priced and are in good condition.

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